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All Licorice (Liquorice) Series

Name:Specification (CAS Code):

Licorice  extract liquid

Licorice  extract block

Licorice  extract spray powder

Glycyrrhizine  R19/R21

Glycyrrhizic  acid

Monoammonium  glycyrrhizinate

Monopotassium  glycyrrhizinate

Dipotassium  glycyrrhizinate

Tripotassium  glycyrrhizinate

Disodium  glycyyhizinate

18β  glycyrrhetinic acid

Acetyl  glycyrrhetinic acid


Dry  licorice root

1-3% HPLC (68916-91-6)

≧6%  HPLC (68916-91-6)

≧6%  HPLC (68916-91-6)

≧13%  HPLC (1405-86-3)

≧30%  HPLC (1405-86-3)

≧75%  HPLC (53956-04-0)

≧75%  HPLC (68039-19-0)

≧75%  HPLC (68797-35-3)

≧15%  HPLC (68797-35-3)

≧98%  UV (71277-79-7)

≧98%  HPLC (1449-05-4)

≧85%  HPLC (471-53-4)

≧40%  HPLC (59870-68-7)

≧3%  HPLC (68916-91-6)  

*Meetingthe latest quality standards of CP,USP,FCC and EP

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra ) is a perennial herb, Glycyrrhizic acid is its main active

ingredient,which is contributes to the herb's healing properties. This product is wildlyused in food, tobacco, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


We have huge advantages of materials to increase capacity and high quality, our factory is only 100km away from the board of Alashankou port, we also own GAP certified growing area more than 15,500 acres, Our original factory and growingarea are located in the native regions of Xinjiang, this has given us greateraccess to the licorice resources needed for the production.