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Imports data analysis of Xinjianglicorice, 2013 January-August


Source:Date: 2013/11/4


Accordingto the statistics by China customs,the imports data of Xinjiang portJanuary-August of this year shows the licorice quantity is 27,000T, it'sincreased 98.7% more than last year; the value $ 34,629,000, an increase of 1.5times; import average price per ton $ 1,280.7, up 26.9% .


Firstall, the licorice changes of imports for various ports in Xinjiang fromJanuary-August.

(1)import prices continued to increase. the importing quantity is 7215.8 tons inaugust, it's increased by 1.2time more than last year; worth $ 9,583,000, anincrease of 1.6 times; import average price of $ 1,328 per ton, an increase of15%, up 5.6%. Since late of last year, the licorice importing price hasremained at a high of $ 1,200 per ton hovering in Xinjiang port, the price istopped $ 1,300 / ton in August.

(2)the quantity of licorice root is increased significantly by Processing TradeMode, the importing quantity of genreral trade mode is declined from January toAugust in this year, the imports value is $ 11,621,000 through the processingtrade mode, it increase 1.2 times more than last year, it's 33.6% for the sameperiod in Xinjiang port; the value of import Licorice is $ 11,171,000 throughgeneral trade mode, it increase 1.1 times more than last year, it's 32.3% fortotal shares.

(3)the imports increased significantly for private company. the imports value is$20,485,000 for private company from January-August of this year, it increase 2times more than last year, and the imports shares is 59.2%; the value ofimported licorice is $ 10,048,000 for the state-owned enterprises, it increase2.1 times, and occupy the 29% of total shares. at the same time, the importsvalue is $ 4,089,000 for foreign-joint venture company, it increase 15.5%,occupy the share of 11.8%.


(4)the main importing countries is Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but the imports iscreased in Azerbaijan from January-August of this year, the imports value fromKazakhstan is $ 10,533,000 in Xinjiang port, it increase 1.6 times more thanlast year, the imports value from Uzbekistan is $ 6,879,000, it increase 50% morethan last year; at the same time, the imports valuse from Azerbaijan is $3,580,000, it increase 5.9 times.

(5)the imports value is $ 19,774,000 in huoerguosi port of Xinjiang, it's 57.1%shares and increase 1.9 times more than last year; the imports value is$13,686,000 in Alashankou port, it's 39.5%, and increase more in the futurebecause of the better location and the only train port in the sametime, there are some small amount of imports form Turgart and Irkeshtam port .

Second,the reason of imports continue increased for licorice root from January-August inXinjiang port.

(1)The policy is encouraged the imports of licorice root. In order to alleviatethe shortage of licorice resources, the importing tax of licorice is canceledby China goverment in 2008. For the export quota allocation of finishedlicorice products, the goverment give mort quotas to the enterprise who importmore licorice root. it greatly encourage enterprises to importe licorice.National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the <food industry" second five'sdevelopment plan> in 2011, it clearly announce the goverment will encourageand support the natural pigments and licorice extracts industry, and continuedevelop of the export trade of finished licrocie products.


(2)the situation is continue for licorice extract in short supply . It is reportedthat in the past 3-4 years, the international price of glycyrrhizin has been rised because of the large quantities of licorice imported from central asianand other countries by China, Japan and other East Asian countries. The lack oflicorice root leads to international market prices generally rising, thosemanufacturers have imported licorice root from abroad and process glycyrrhizin,which is used to produce the finished licorice series, the facts is thelicorice extract in short supply is the long-term trend.