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Harvested the roots by hand and in a short transporting to our factory

While harvesting may not sound like a very important step in many natural products it sure is with Licorice. Not only do you need to harvest at the right time, but the method of harvesting is also critical. Improve maintains dedicated harvest teams trained in strict requirements resulting in us having high quality roots. Each root is harvested by hand and must be nicked and pulled carefully from the land so as not to break the rind. Properly taken, the roots will be naturally dried on the sunshine without any contamination. We made sure to build our processing facilities in close proximity to our fields. This is important because with a short ride to our processing factory the roots will be fresher and will suffer far less damage and mouldy that can occur in the long transporting. Some companies spend several days getting their roots to the processing zone while our roots are processed within a day.