Premier supplier of China licorice for the food,flavor and health care.



We have two growing areas and production facilities in Xinjiang region of China. Together, the area growing licorice is 15,500 acres, the capacities of liquid licorice extracts is 3,000mts, licorice block and powder are 1,500mts, ammonium glycyrrhizinate and glycyrrhizic series are 250 tons. In total, our GMP certified workshops cover more than 220 acres, and house advanced production and quality control equipment.

Our first growing area of organic licorice is 7000 acres accroding GAP standard, it is located in the Xinjiang and planted in 2009, we always working to improve our quality of licorice, the quantity grew from that time until 2012 when a second growing area of 8,500 acres was planted in the county of E'min, and equipped to produce large volumes of concentrated Licorice extracts. This facility gave Improve a full product line including Licorice block and spray dried powder along with our Glycyrrhizic acid to serve all Licorice consumers in the cosmetic, flavor, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco and beverage.

In 2014 we establish new facilities in E'min industrial park. We dedicate to increase capacity of glycyrrhizic acid and ammonium glycyrrhizinate. Those processing center adds not only greater volume capabilities but is equipped with a full product development laboratory including HPLC capability to give all our clients special product formulation, extended product analysis, and strict quality control. The facility is GMP and HACCP compliant and is certified.