Premier supplier of China licorice for the food,flavor and health care.



Xinjiang Longhuiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (LHY-Pharma) is one of China's most professional manufactory, engaged in the licorice planting, R&D and industrial production. We began to plant licorice according the GAP standard since 2009, the GAP certified growing area of licorice is 15,500 acres with the storage of wild licorice over 12,000 tons .We invested 250 million RMB to setup new modern factory in 2014, the GMP certified workshops is more than 220 acres in accordance with good manufacturing practice. We have advanced production and quality control equipment, the capacities of liquid licorice extracts is 3,000mts, licorice block and powder are 1,500mts, ammonium glycyrrhizinate and glycyrrhizic series are 250 tons. All the licorice series products are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, tobacco, and food ingredients industrials.

Our original factory and growing area are in E’min county of Xinjiang China, the distance to the Alashankou port is about 100 km, we have strong advantage to import wild licorice from Asian countries, this has given us greater access to the licorice resources needed for the production, and undertake processing business for the custom order. Our warehouse of finished products and sales center are located in shanghai, we can provide just-in-time services to you.

Our persistent philosophy of technical innovation and quality-orientation has led us to form strategic partnerships with recognized experts for the establishment of a post-doctoral work station and quality control center. We focused our research on the extraction process of active ingredients from the natural herb. We have purchased and maintained R&D systems for the enhanced testing of our finished products according to modern production specifications. Our quality control centers include chemical analysis labs, a medicine synthesis lab and content testing lab, which are equipped with advanced instruments such as HPLC, GC, TLC scanners, UV spectrophotometers and E-titrator etc. This technology allows us to maintain a high level of quality control.

We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality products and value-added services to all our customers. Our lean management model, not only ensures product quality, but also provides for the customer demands for competitive prices and just in time service. We are advocates of sustainable development, environmental protection, the economical use of licorice resources and the creation of a safe work place. Our mission is to become the best supplier for the licorice industry, the full line of licorice series will meet a variety of customer needs. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a better, more prosperous future.